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Alien Blaster

On-rail Space Shooter

Story Summary

Aliens are invading your home planet! Defend your cities and take the fight to the mothership to put and end to the alien threat. 

Development Time

10 weeks, 50% (half-time)

My Contributions

  • Level Design 

  • Game Design

  • Story

Development Team: Shockwave

Level Designers:

  • Hannes Bensryd

  • Oscar Maris

  • Jonas Astberg

Graphical Artists 

  • Henrik Andersson

  • Dennis Praetorius Holmgren

  • Maximilian Bergström

  • Pontus Canbäck


  • Mattias Blomgren Sköld

  • Mattias Andersson

  • Henrik Phan

  • Mikkel Ravnholt Simonsen

  • Karl Brunzell

Technical Artists

  • Dan Sönne

  • Nathalie Börgesen

  • Adam Andersson

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