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These are all the projects I was a part of during my time at The Game Assembly

Year 2 - 3D Games

Alien Blaster

Blast your way through four

uniqe environments to save humanity in this action packed rail shooter!

The Witch God

Rise from your grave to defeat the evil god in an intense top down third person adventure! 

Coming Soon!

WIP First Person Shooter WIP


Coming Soon!

Undisclosed Project


Year 1 - 2D Games


With the help of a defunct AI, repair the spaceship by solving puzzles in a stylish Point & Click game.

Perkele Saatana

Show the invaders no mercy. Take to the skies with your piloting skills in this high octance Shoot 'em up!


Escape the plauge infested villagers of you home town in this dark and gloomy adventure platformer.

A Weapon Odyssey

Discover the secrets of an alien race while dodge-rolling your way through a top down dungeon crawler.

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