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Spite: The Witch God

Diablo-eque Action Adventure

Story Summary

An evil god has become the ruler of a once peaceful land. You awake from your tomb to drive the evil god back to the void.

Development Time

10 weeks, 50% (half-time)

My Contributions

  • Level Design 

  • Game Design

  • Story

Development Team: Shockwave

Level Designers:

  • Hannes Bensryd

  • Oscar Maris

  • Jonas Astberg

Graphical Artists 

  • Henrik Andersson

  • Dennis Praetorius Holmgren

  • Maximilian Bergström

  • Pontus Canbäck


  • Mattias Blomgren Sköld

  • Mattias Andersson

  • Henrik Phan

  • Mikkel Ravnholt Simonsen

  • Karl Brunzell

Technical Artists

  • Dan Sönne

  • Nathalie Börgesen

  • Adam Andersson

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