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A Weapon Odyssey

2D Shoot 'em Up / Dungeon Crawler

Story Summary

You have crashlanded on an ailen planet, where a mysterious force transoforms your co-pilot into a gun. You now have to find a way to reverse this transformation. 

Development Time

8 weeks, 50% (half-time)

My Contributions

  • Game Design

  • Level Design 

  • Unity Tile Painter Tool

Development Team

Level Designers:

  • Hannes Bensryd

  • Simon Carlsson

Graphical Artists 

  • Stina Arvidsson Rådestig

  • Olof Eneroth

  • Andreas Cramer


  • Morris Ahlstrand

  • Oliver Nyholm

  • Robert Parrell

  • Alexander Aschan

  • Christopher Rau

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