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2D Adventure Platformer

Story Summary

While escaping your plauge infested home village you crash your carridge and get knocked unconcious. When you wake up you find yourself hunted by infected villagers. You must escape this nightmare.

Development Time

8 weeks, 50% (half-time)

My Contributions

  • Game Design

  • Level Design

  • UX 

  • Unity Level Exporter

Development Team

Level Designers:

  • Hannes Bensryd

  • Jesper Börjesson

Graphical Artists 

  • Ludvig Olsson

  • Torbjörn Lindfors

  • Andreas Cramer


  • Karl Brunzell

  • Oliver Nyholm

  • Morris Gustafsson

  • Mattias Andersson

  • Filip Carkic

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