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Point and Click Puzzle Game

Story Summary

Set on a spaceship struck by an asteroid, the player is the only one awakened from cryo-sleep by the ships AI. Together with the AI they must save the rest of the crew by fixing the ship and getting back on course. 

Development Time

8 weeks, 50% (half-time)

My Contributions

  • Puzzle Design

  • UX and UI 

  • Story 

Development Team

Level Designers:

  • Hannes Bensryd

  • Kevin Osgyan

Graphical Artists 

  • Tim​othy Karlsson

  • Elsa Varland

  • Andreas Cramer


  • Lukas Hull

  • Eric Hildebrand

  • Mattias Blomgren Sköld

  • Oliver Nyholm

  • Oskar Kylvåg

  • Robin Ericsson

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